Terms of Cooperation

Partner (user of the MOBIPACE System) - a legal entity that transmits and/or receives SMS messages.

MOBIPACE system - "SMS-Center" LLC, or official representatives of "SMS-Center" LLC, who provide access to the software application and information distribution channels owned by "SMS-center" LLC (Mobbis™ trademark). Provides generation, delivery and confirmation of delivery of SMS messages.

Partner pledges to:

The partner is obliged not to carry out mass informing of subscribers without obtaining their consent. Under the mass information means, as information to many receivers, and periodically informing a single receiver. In case of disputes related to non-fulfillment of the above conditions as soon as possible, settle these disputes on your own and at your own expense.

In case of violation of the terms of service, MOBIPACE conducts an internal investigation and, if the violation is confirmed, MOBIPACE has the right to terminate the provision of services without refund of the paid funds.

The partner guarantees that all information published on the MOBIPACE system resources and distributed through the distribution channels belonging to the MOBIPACE System complies with the law and does not violate the guarantees of the rights and freedoms of third parties.

In case of violation of the rights of third parties due to the Partner's fault within the framework of cooperation, all expenses (if any for the MOBIPACE System) for resolving a dispute between the MOBIPACE System and a third party, including in court, are compensated at the Partner's expense.

The partner undertakes to fully and on time fulfill the financial obligations of the MOBIPACE System.

The partner is fully responsible for maintaining the copyright of the published or sent information.

The Parties agree that all property and any other intellectual property rights used in the course of this cooperation, owned by each of the Parties at the time of cooperation, remain in the possession of each of the Parties.

MOBIPACE reserves the right to change current prices without prior consent, in accordance with the market pricing principle, unless otherwise provided by other documents signed by authorized representatives of the parties.