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2-Way SMS channel
This solution allows you to receive SMS to the service SMS number and send an unlimited number of response SMS to the Sender.

You can easily and quickly implement this solution in your business and your customer service center.

To connect a 2-Way SMS channel you need to choose an acceptable service number format from the suggested ones.

- Activation short numbers - SMS numbers allow you to implement interactive and popular services: payment acceptance, advertising promotions, contests, surveys, information consultations, loyalty programs.

- Activation long numbers - Companies can use them without being limited to one country, while short numbers are served in only one country.

Examples of using the 2-WAY SMS service

 SMS client request

Response from the company's SMS server

- Details of accrued bonuses on the bonus card

- Specifying the available number of bonuses and their validity period

- Request about current marketing promotions

- Current special offers

- Purchase history

- Date and amount of last purchases

- Availability of the necessary product in the store

- Information about the requested product, its price and availability in the store

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