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Web system MOBIPACE for distribution

MOBIPACE-developed by MOBBIS, which helps to increase the customer base, maximize loyalty and trust to brands through direct, personalized and clear communications.

Scope of SMS awareness 

 Service: Send your clients a message about the status of the order, appointment to a specialist, the expiration of a plastic card or an insurance policy on websites when you register a username, confirm transfer fees, etc thus improving the level of service provided

Company's public image: By sending congratulatory messages to your customers and partners you can increase customer loyalty to your company and improve your business image.

Commercial: Inform your customers about discounts and special promotions, new collections and products, about events held in your company or about the opening of new shops, facilities or departments.  
During all stages of cooperation we provide:
  • Full technical support of the project
  • Setting up and providing a database and user interface for self-management distributions in our program
  • Providing space to store and manage databases

If you have any questions, our team is always ready to provide expert consultation and assistance.