Can I send SMS in my native language?

You can send SMS in any language.

The only limitation is the capabilities of the mobile device (language support) to which you send the message.

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What is the standard length for a single SMS message?

The standard length of a single SMS is 160 characters in ASCII format (Latin characters) or 70 characters in UNICODE format (Cyrillic). 

If the number of characters in one SMS exceeds 160 ASCII characters or 70 UNICODE characters, the size and calculation of one SMS is 153 ASCII characters (Latin characters) and 67 UNICODE characters.

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I sent 1 SMS, but more money was debited from my account than for 1 SMS. Why?

You can send long messages (up to 500 characters).

If you send a message that is longer than the standard length of one message, your account will be charged more than 1 SMS, according to the table below: 

Message length (number of characters)
The amount to be debited corresponds to the dispatch:
 ASCII Format
1 standard message
2 standard messages
3 standard messages
4 standard messages
5 standard messages
6 standard messages
7 standard messages
8 standard messages

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What is the maximum allowed length of an SMS message?

The maximum allowed length of a single message is 500 characters, regardless of the format (ASCII or UNICODE). 

In this case, the amount to be debited will match the dispatch:

  • 4 standard messages (500/153 = 4 SMS), if you send an ASCII format message,
  • 8 standard messages (500/67 = 8 SMS), if you send a UNICODE format message.

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What is ASCII?

ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) - this is a way of encoding characters based on the Latin alphabet.

For more information, go to the ASCII

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What is UNICODE?

UNICODE is a standard for supporting national languages.

For more information, go to the UNICODE

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What is API?

API is an application programming interface that allows you to integrate SMS technologies into your applications and Web pages.

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Can we use the API in our PHP application?

Yes. You can use the HTTP API, which is a platform-independent interface.

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How can we integrate the SMS messaging system into our application?

You can use the APIs that we offer, such as HTTP API 3.0, JavaScript API, or .NET API

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Which Operating System can MIMS be installed on?

MIMS can be installed on Windows Vista or higher.

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What additional software must be installed on my computer to use the MIMS app?

To successfully install the MIMS application, you must have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or later versions.

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What are the minimum hardware requirements for using MIMS? 

800 MHz, 32 RAM, 50 Mb of free hard disk space.

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How can I contact to your office?

Contact information you can find in the section "Contact Us".

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